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Double Grade Award: General

New Style of Examination for Yamaha Students

Double Grade Award Combines both LCM and Yamaha Grade Examination into one exam.

Piano Lesson

Only 1 time examination, gain 2 certificates of Yamaha and LCM

Sheet Music

Repertoire sharing for efficient preparation and assessment

EU and British Flag

International Qualification

How It Works

  • Double grade awards are offered to all Yamaha students in Thailand who have been registered in Yamaha School Management System. 


  • As of 2021 March, Double Grade Award is limited to piano grades only.


  • Two types of Double Grade Award are available:

    • Recital Double Grade Award

    • Standard Double Grade Award 

  • Examination contents are combination of Yamaha and LCM syllabuses.

  • Candidates can select their examination repertoire from both Yamaha and LCM syllabus.

  • ​Click below for the details. 

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